Tips on How to Keep Moving on Moving Day

5 Yoga Poses that Boost Energy

You’ve been packing for hours, but as you look around your stuff is multiplying magically before your very own eyes. While your moving list grows longer, your energy fades faster. Does this sound like you before moving day? You’re not alone. Moving is one of the most stressful and tiring events for many of us, but before you wave your white flag and give up, take a second to find out how you can keep moving before and during your moving day. Here are five awesome activities that will energize you and help you dig a little deeper for a productive and happy moving day.

Keep Moving by:

1. Stretching Out

While your first instinct might be to take a nap or flop down on the couch when you’re feeling tired, this will actually make you feel more tired and lazy. Your muscles, which have been hard at work packing and lifting, will become cold and start to feel sore from your activity if you become inactive. A good way to combat tiredness is to take a moment and do some stretching. Whether it’s yoga pose, some light Pilates or just changing positions, stretching boosts the oxygen flow to your brain and gives you more energy. You don’t have to be a yoga guru or even all that flexible to try a child’s pose. Yet this simple stretch can give you an extra burst of energy to help you keep moving. Try working in some deep breaths and focus on your breathing, this will help you reset and attack the rest of your to-dos with a new perspective.

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2. Get Some Fresh Air

That couch may be calling your name, but be strong and grab your running shoes instead and head out doors to find that second wind. Walk around the block for five minutes or head to your local park for a quick change of atmosphere. According to some researchers being exposed to the color green in nature will actually make you feel happier and motivated. If you have a dog take it for a walk and enjoy some fresh air. A quick break in the outdoors will help you keep moving on moving day.

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3. Getting Funky

If you’ve been playing your favorite album on repeat, it’s no wonder you are feeling tired and ready to give up. Find an extra burst of energy when you switch up your music. Try out a new playlist or new artist to help you keep moving. The unexpected ambient noise will keep you on your toes. Be adventurous and try a recommended playlist from spotify for something new. Dance around  and keep moving to the beat for some added endorphins. Who knows you might find a new favorite kind of music along the way.

4. Hanging out with Friends

Moving involves a lot of decisions on what to pack and what to throw out, sometimes having a trusted friend come over will help you make decisions faster. Divide and conquer tasks together for a productive collaboration. Good conversation and a motivating friend might help you to keep moving. Keep each other motivated by setting an incentive, like going to the movies or ice cream after you finish your packing. You can even make a party out of your to-dos, invite a group over and throw yourself a pre-move party.

5. Eating Energy Snacks

Red bull and the coffee will give you a boost but eventually you will crash, opt instead for energy-boosting-snacks that will keep you energized for the long haul. Keep the recipes simple and healthy for a quick treat in between tasks. My favorite recipe combines peanut butter, sliced apples, shredded coconut and dark chocolate to make power nachos that will help you stay focused and your belly happy.

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Did you try any of the ideas above to keep moving? Share your experience or your tips for staying motivated during a move on our Coastal Carrier Facebook Page before the end of 2017 and we will pick a winner for best tip that will win a $50 Home Depot gift card. If you tried them all and are still ready to throw in the towel or just need an extra hand make sure you give us a call. Coastal Carrier Moving & Storage can do all of the packing and unpacking for you, while you save your energy for something more fun.



2017 Mover of the Year

Coastal Carrier was named Mover of the Year by the North Carolina Movers Association this past weekend. Coastal Carrier’s President, Wayne Ray accepted the award with his team. Congratulations to everyone for this important achievement!

Employee Spotlight – Vincent “Jimmy” Maglio, Jr.

Vincent “Jimmy” Maglio Jr.

Jimmy Maglio came on board here at Coastal Carrier Moving & Storage in 2014, where he serves as the relocation specialist for Brunswick County, NC and the South Carolina region. He recently turned 70 years young and shows up on move day of every job that he schedules. His humor and singing around our office are a constant reminder that he loves what he gets to do each day. We asked Jimmy what he enjoys about his continuing role in the moving industry and position as relocation specialist at Coastal Carrier Moving & Storage and he had to say:

If I had to assess the most important element of the moving industry, in
my opinion, it is simple. The young men, and women, who pack, load, and
deliver the shipments on a daily basis are the backbone of our industry.
At Coastal Carrier, I have had the privilege to work with the most
courteous, hardworking professionals, I have witnessed in my many
years of service. I applaud the efforts, and am grateful to work alongside
these dedicated men and women.

Born in Hackensack, NJ to Jim & Faye Maglio on February 11th, 1947, Jimmy has always loved not only working, but being around people his entire life. Jim has had a lucrative career in the moving industry. He has enjoyed an impressive musical career as the lead vocalist for his music group the “Use to Be’s”, which was started in 2005. He won his first singing contest at the age of five and was a member of an a cappella group in the early eighties. He spent his childhood in Hackensack, NJ until joining the the Air Force in 1966 where he served his country for four years. One of those years was spent serving in Vietnam. Thank you for your service Jimmy!

He has always enjoyed people and understanding their needs, which is shown not only in the career path he’s taken, but also in the Psychology degree he received from New Jersey City University in 1975. He has worked with the public starting as a manager in 1970 with Howmedica Orthopedic Implants, as well as running a limo service and answering service until 1976.

In the moving industry, Jimmy has spent over 40 years dedicating his life to helping families and individuals through educating them on moving. Helping them walk through one of the top 5 most stressful events in their life. He has received many accolades in the moving industry over the years, including: Top Acheiver with North American Van Lines putting him in the top 5% of Relocation Specialist in the country for over 12 years. An Ambassador Club winner, as well as an International Relocation Specialist winner, just to name a few.

When asked what attracted him to this line of work he responded by saying:
Simple, not only do I enjoy the lifestyle and freedom that comes with
traveling to meet customers and their families, I also am able to get to
know and understand their needs and concerns during one of the most
important decisions in their life. Having done this for so long it has
become second nature to me and that makes it easier to walk an
individual through this process, and I hope my knowledge and
experience helps to ease their mind.

His career started with Sardina Moving Company in 1976 where he worked as a short haul driver/packer and was introduced to the relocation specialist role, which became his passion. Jimmy moved on to Colonial Moving based in his hometown of Hackensack, NJ where he spent 25 years, and eventually owning Berkshire Packing & Crating where he spent 19 years. He moved to Southport, NC, in January 2005, where he started at Cardinal North American and stayed for 4 years before going with Mayflower, where he spent the next 4 years.  After his time at Cardinal North American and Mayflower, Jimmy has called Coastal Carrier Moving & Storage home since 2014.  We are honored to have his 40 plus years of experience in the moving industry and wealth of knowledge he brings to our team.  Thank you Jimmy for your outstanding contribution and dedication to all of our customers and employees at Coastal Carrier.






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