How To Unpack In Two Days


So, you are done with your move and need to unpack. Looking at all those boxes is making you feel uncomfortable. Just imagine doing the packing process all over again but in reverse. However, if you put your mind into it, you can do it in about two days. You may even start feeling the energy of your new home as you are unpacking. That is just a thing that comes with moving to a new house. It is the beginning of a life full of opportunity and novelty. They like the packing process and dread the work that is unpacking. Whichever group you belong to, if you want to learn how to unpack a house in two days, you have come to the right place.  So, let’s see what the best way to do this is! 


Follow your inventory

To unpack a house in two days, this is a must. If you had an inventory list during the packing process, this means that you are well organized. That will help you immensely when the unpacking process starts. It is the same, just in reverse. That means that the organization is vital in this part of the move as well. The inventory is probably filled with the contents of each box, preferably divided by room or by type. If you used colored stickers or any other kind of marking, make sure to unpack all the boxes labeled with the same color. Doing one room after another is the best way to be time efficient during this matter. If you have not marked the boxes, open them and look what is inside. You will probably see different types of packing materials before realizing what items are inside, so this is going to take a bit longer.


If you have an essentials box, that is an excellent way to start

Just as the title suggests. The essentials box is not named that way for no reason. You have probably put all your necessities in a single box. The items inside are meant for cases of emergency, and usage on moving day, and a couple of days after that. Moving long distance can be excruciating, so the essentials box is a must. If you do not have an essentials box, just quickly go through other boxes and find things that are most important before you finish the unpacking process. Some of the things you need to get include basic toiletries, medications, books, and paperwork which contains your moving contract, phone numbers, passports, and other essential documents.


The best way to start unpacking a house is by starting with the kitchen

The kitchen has many small items such as forks, spoons, and a lot of fragile things such as glasses, plates and so on. Typically, it is best to finish the most difficult part first, and then move on to easier stuff. You should put your plates and glasses in cabinets and your forks and spoons in drawers. If you do not have a lot of time to finish the whole kitchen, you can take only the things that are necessary for the next few days. That includes some pots and pans, and cutlery for the family members. The easier part of this endeavor is hooking up the smaller appliances. Look for the power supply and put the appliances near it. It can be a temporary place of residence before you decide to finish the whole kitchen. When you have time, you will be able to lay out everything as you like. 


Moving on to bedrooms

Your long move has undoubtedly taken its toll on your fatigue level.  That may sound like just common sense, but some people forget about their fatigue and want to finish the unpacking before resting. That is bad as you will be prone to injuries more. So, it is a good idea to grab your linens and make your bed. When your bed is done, you can do a bit more of basic unpacking. When you unpack a house in two days, you will feel accomplished and feel the energy of your new home. The first night can be emotional for some people. Some are excited to move to a new house, and some are sad about having to leave their old one. Whatever you feel, your beds should be made before continuing to unpack. After that take your clothes and arrange them in closets. A good closet organization is needed if you want to be time efficient.

Laying out and assembling the furniture

When you start assembling your furniture, you also need to think about where you will put it. You probably have the floorplan of your new house or have visited it before moving in. That is essential when it comes to arranging furniture. You should also consider fixing some things before moving to a new house. Assemble your couches and tables first. When you do this, you will be able to assemble the smaller items such as your electronics and bookcases. It is not a good idea to assemble everything and then realizing that it does not fit the idea you had about the room. That includes your bedroom and bathroom as well.

Dealing with the rest

When you have done the hardest parts, you can move on to the bathroom, garage, and basement. That should be day two in your two-day unpacking endeavor. The organization in your garage and basement is not that important at this early stage so that you can leave that for later. Just put the things that belong there, and start enjoying your new home. Go out and introduce yourself to new neighbors. Meeting new people in a new town is by many, one of the greatest parts of moving. With all that said, good luck with your move!