Best Storage Services Near You

You are moving, and now you swim in storage boxes and furniture you don’t need. Before you line up an entire wall with boxes, look into storage options.

Moving and storage services are ideal if you need help moving and storing items with scheduled access during the week. The professional company loads your possessions onto a truck and delivers them for secure storage in a warehouse. 

At Coastal Carrier Moving & Storage, we do that for you!

We’re an award-winning moving and storage company committed to making your move in and around North Carolina and South Carolina seamless. Our highest priority is to provide stellar quality service to each client with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Our services are Google Guaranteed and top-rated on Home Advisor.

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Benefits Of Hiring Moving And Storage Services

Moving involves much more than packing up and transporting your belongings. Apart from securing reliable labor, a successful move requires lots of planning and coordination.

Professional moving and storage companies can make all the difference in your experience. Here are just some ways we can reduce the burden:

Packing Services

Wrapping and packing each item in your home can quickly become confusing. A professional moving company will offer full-service packing services for residential and commercial moves and bring the necessary packing materials.

Time Savings

A professional mover understands the ins and outs of moving. They come as a team with experience to move you from one place to the next while staying true to a schedule. They also have the skills to maneuver that couch through a tight doorway faster than you can!

Professional Inventory Services

Organization is the key to a successful move. It’s easy to lose track of your items when many things are happening simultaneously. Be confident all your items are accounted for by having the professionals inventory your belongings.

Save Your Relationships

Recruiting friends and family to help with the move puts them at a disadvantage. They may help, but hate moving as much as you do. They know it is stressful and tiring work that requires them to commit an entire weekend for backbreaking labor.

Please don’t put your close ones on the spot and make them feel awkward. Instead, hire a professional moving company. Then invite your family and friends for a move-in or -out party and enjoy as the movers load and unload your belongings.

Most Reliable Storage Services In The Area

Coastal Carrier Moving & Storage is your ideal moving partner for commercial and residential purposes! Why do we say this?

  • A seamless move experience: We know a move backward and forward and are ready for everything in between. 
  • Customizable services: Each move is unique, and our moving and storage services must meet your timeline and needs. We can also help pack your fragile or specialty items and keep them safe. 
  • Local services: Coastal Carrier Moving & Storage is not part of a national chain, and the team is most likely familiar to you. 
  • Reliable staff: Our team comes prepared and equipped to load and transport all your belongings. If you forget something, we won’t! We have the experience to provide a smooth and organized move. 
  • Optimize your space: Decluttering and Storing furniture and items that are not in use helps free up your space and make living or working environments more organized and functional. 

Storage Services FAQs

What Is The Average Cost Of Storage Services?

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The average cost is about $190 a month but will vary based on several factors. You can get irresistible introductory rates that are worthwhile if using the storage unit for a short time.

What Determines Storage Costs?

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Prices of storage units vary based on location, type, size, security, and other climate control features. The latter are valuable considerations if you want guaranteed humidity and temperature controls. Climate-controlled units are vital for fine art, electronics, critical documents, and wooden furniture.

How To Reduce Storage Costs?

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Get the most out of every dollar you invest in a storage unit by using all the methods below:

  • Donate, throw away, or sell some items you don’t require and pay for as small a unit as possible.
  • Organize your items neatly and sort them out in cardboard and plastic moving boxes.
  • Store some items with family, especially those you might need sooner than expected.
  • Get storage insurance to save you from the headache of recovering damaged or lost items.

We are passionate about making the journey to the next part of your life the smoothest ride ever! Contact us today for a free quote.