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Frequently Asked Question

What Is The Best Day To Hire Residential Movers?

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Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays are the best days to hire residential movers. Moving companies are likely fully booked since most people move during the weekend. If you want an expedited move, try to book your move on a weekday or earlier in the week. And, since movers are not busy during the weekdays, the prices might be lower.

How To Pick A Great Neighborhood In The City You’re Moving To?

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Start by researching the neighborhood’s crime rate, which directly affects your peace of mind. Check the crime index of the area you’re considering living in to determine whether it’s safe.

Next, consider the schools in the neighborhood. Good schools are essential if you have kids, since they will spend most of their time there. You can research if each school is safe by checking school policies and safety technologies such as metal detectors.

Another critical factor to consider is the cost of living. You want to live in a neighborhood within your budget, so research the average cost of living in the area. This includes things like rent and utilities.

Finally, check out the amenities in the area. Parks, museums, libraries, etc., all contribute to how enjoyable your living experience will be. Take a look around the neighborhood and see what types of amenities are available.

How To Stay Productive During A Commercial Move?

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To minimize disruption and maintain high levels of productivity, we recommend the following:

  1. Planning – create a checklist of all the activities you must carry out before the move and allocate specific time to doing them.
  2. Outsourcing all the logistics to qualified commercial moving partners like Coastal Carrier Moving and Storage. Doing this will free up your time to work on your business. You’ll also have the peace of mind to focus, knowing your move will occur without a hitch.

How To Pick A Great Neighborhood To Move A Business To?

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When looking for a neighborhood to move your business to, consider the operating costs of your venture, profit margin, and growth potential. You want to find a place that will lower your operation costs, increase your profit margin, and provide enough room to expand.

How To Plan And Prepare Your Business For A Commercial Move?

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Here are a few steps to help you prepare for your commercial move adequately:

  1. Choose your new location.
  2. Come up with a relocation budget.
  3. Set a timeline for the move.
  4. Call +1 (910) 392-4916 and partner with us. We’ll help you create and execute a solid moving plan so you can relocate efficiently in the shortest time possible.

What Is The Best Time Of Year To Hire Long-Distance Movers?

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The best time of the year to hire long-distance movers is between October and April. It is the off-peak moving season. You’ll pay the least to move in November and December. Business is slow for most moving companies during this time because people generally don’t relocate during the holidays.

What Is Considered A Long-Distance Move?

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Various moving companies define and offer their services differently. Meaning what one company considers a long-distance move may differ from another. For most movers, long-distance moving refers to any move over 100 miles. Often, it involves going from one state to another or across the country.

How To Prepare For A Long-Distance Move?

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Preparation is the key to a seamless long-distance move. To begin, create a to-do list of everything you need to do before, during, and after the move.

Afterward, call us at +1 (910) 392-4916. We’ll listen to all your needs and create a moving strategy that matches your schedule. Your move is complete with a reliable moving partner like us.

What Is The Best Day To Hire Local Movers?

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The best day to hire local movers is during the week – from Monday to Thursday. Since most people plan their moves for the weekend, weekdays are generally less busy so that the move can go faster, and you’ll get a better service price.

What Is Considered Local Moving?

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A local move is considered to be within a 50-mile radius of your original location. It covers moves within the same city, inter-county, or a nearby town.

Local moving differs from intrastate moving, which involves moving longer distances within the same state. If you’re moving more than 50 miles within the same state, it would be considered an intrastate move.

How Do You Pack Special Items?

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Everyone has at least one specialty item that needs more careful packing than the other household contents. It could be a piece of art, a musical instrument, or even your grandma’s heirloom dinner set. Depending on what it is, its dimensions, and its fragility, we will “bubble wrap” or box the item with expert care.

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